How to use xMaker

1. Register with Algo Factory and login into your account

2. Download and run the xMaker Installer file

3. Choose your installation folder and tick the option for adding a shortcut to desktop

4. After completing the installation, you can find xMaker on your desktop

5. Now you can run xMaker and load your data to start searching for trading strategies

6. You can either use data saver or download price data from the sample data set available in your profile page to load on xMaker

7. You can now see the plot of the pair you have loaded on xMaker. Set your search options and then start the search

8. After the search is completed, you can see the results

9. You can choose each row to see the net profit and drawdown of each strategy

10. You can choose any combination of strategies to control Draw Down and Net Profit

11. Now you can download the Expert advisor from your profile and drag it into MT5.
Then copy and paste the xCode of the strategies you have selected in xMaker.
In order to run multiple strategies running on the same symbol, you have to load the Expert Advisor in separate chart windows followed by entering the correspondent xCode in the input section.

You can also run back-test on MT5 and compare the performance results with those on xMaker

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